Rathinam Institutions provides office space & equipment, technology support and seed capital to nurture the upcoming entrepreneurial talents for viable projects


Rathinam Institutions has dedicated Business Development mentors to assist students who are coming with the business ideas and to provide entrepreneurship training.


Rathinam Institutions has industry associates giving one on one networking and self-employment tips to establish as successful entrepreneurs.

About Startup School

The startup School is one more feather in the cap of Rathinam group of institutions. It has a mammoth Eco friendly campus of tech zone which houses 30IT companies inside the campus.

It is one of the largest high-tech campus in kovai with Arts and Science College, Engineering College, Architecture, MBA and International school with 5,000students four hundred faculty members and 400 non teaching and technical staff members.

The Start up School is a full-fledged furnished Institution with spacious office ,classrooms, seminar cum conference hall,boardmeeting room students brainstorming cubics fully equipped laboratories.

We provide a hygienic residential facilities. Rathinam is a pioneer in the field of incubation. We have ATAL INCUBATION CENTRE and in International school we have ATAL TINKERING LAB which is one the five top most labs in India. We organise invaluable Guest lectures by eminent entrepreneurs......

Technology is still on the background, the proposals for using this technology and the reliability and productivity of the harness are in the hands of the rathinam institutions. If you are the Wannabe Entrepreneurs who want to work in their field of interest, the Ideation Workshop will help them generate some innovative ideas in these fields.

Does a startup have an idea but don't know where to start? Listen to start-up experts on how to turn this project into a profitable company. Study a step-by - step approach that will help you progress past the concept process and the road to a profitable start-up company.

We deliver major forums to compete for the best innovations and people to win competitions and incubation services. They gain vital input, which allows them to develop a market plan that is more sustainable.

As a contractor, you also face numerous questions and difficulties. Often you even get bogged down by the dilemma! Our seasoned advisors provide advice and critical knowledge in sales , marketing, risk capital raising, board training / management and human resource management fields.

A company is not build in isolation. Customers, Vendors and Investors are the Value drivers for any business. As a dream student, we introduce you to the best of all three worlds in the Startup Program.

A highly competitive group of industry experts with experience in diverse sectors and business phases appear in the Entrepreneur in Residency Program. This important resource is used by all aspiring entrepreneurs.


Mission, Vision & Focus

  • Mission

    By enhancing the entrepreneurial skills and drum them up to cull out the hidden potential and channelize and fine tune them to reach the pinnacle of performance in their chosen field with the innovative applications for the future generations wealth creation employment opportunities and preserving the Eco system for the Future progeny to live in harmony with Nature.

  • Vision

    To excel and become an iconic startup school in the Nation by providing kaleidoscopic exposure to start ups ie Incubatees so that they prove their prowess and they will be home and dry in their desired fields.

  • Focus Areas

    Having the advantage of housing foreign students in all disciplines ,we are acclimatized to heterogeneous group with multi cultural background. We are open book and welcome candid innovative ideas from all fields. Be it in technology or for -profit business or non for-profit business any thing under the Sun. The only criteria is the idea should be SMART Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic &Time bound.


Driven by a holistic Approach, the Start-up School follows a 4 step approach to support the budding entrepreneurs of Lovely Professional University.


Programs to motivate students and participants and make them aware about the scope and opportunities in areas of their interest. Assists in idea generation.


Programs which groom the participants and assists them in molding their idea into a commercially viable project and create a robust Business Plan.


Provides platform for the participants to compete against the best ideas and individuals to win awards and incubation services.


Incubate fosters a proactive community of entrepreneurs on campus by providing co-working space, mentoring and networking opportunities to accelerate the growth of their high-potential startups.

Idea Hub!
Have any innovative Idea?

In a dream when all the young people of India look like their modern-day rock stars to the next generation of CEOs and entrepreneurs, Rathinam Startup School is on the task of providing these young minds with a platform.

Idea Hub is an initiative that brings Rathinam Startup School into line with students who are working on a business idea. This centre puts these young minds together and teaches them to grow their ideas in the next step.

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